4th Seminar on Operator Theory and Its Applications"

07-08 / March

Mathematics Department of University of Bojnord will be hosting the "4th Seminar on Operator Theory and Its Applications" on March 07-08, 2018. The conference will include a workshop on "Operator Algebras", which is to be presented by internationally renowned Professors. Also, the 8th winner of Functional analysis Award will be introduced.  

For the latest news, please visit http://ota4.ub.ac.ir.

In case that further clarification is needed, please contact us:

Tel: 05832201303 (10-11 am, working days)

Email: ota4.ub@gmail.com


The Seminar Committee is privileged to invite professors, PhD students and other respected researchers to participate in this scientific event and share their research results on different aspects.


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